We reinvented pumped-hydro energy storage and we brought it offshore

Traditional pumped-hydro exploits the gravitational potential of freshwater. We exploit the gravitational potential of ~20% heavier-than-water sea salt brine in seawater. SiZ combines the benefits of pumped-hydro energy storage with the unlimited scaling potential and streamlined deployment provided by an offshore environment, all without making use of polluting or scarce materials.


Low-cost, ultra-scalable design with minimal carbon footprint

We have been developing our offshore pumped-brine concept since 2018, with the first patent application filed in 2019. We’re engineering it into a sound product that ensures full scalability, economic competitiveness, and an incredibly small carbon footprint. Our innovative design and our no-new-technology approach will provide fast deployment and remove the uncertainties that often affect new long-duration storage technologies.


Siz is the long-duration energy storage technology that the world needs to complete its transition to renewable energy

Proven technology and no uncertain developments

Unlimited scalability

Fast and standardized deployment

Small carbon footprint and no polluting or hazardous materials

Low-cost and

Zero land use and no scarce materials to be mined

Ideal coupling with floating solar and wind

High efficiency, no degradation and long lifespan

Energy transition

The missing piece of the energy transition puzzle

The rise of renewable energy is associated with a large penetration of intermittent power supply that challenges a stable operation of electric grids, ultimately limiting the deployment of new wind and solar power. Traditional pumped-hydro storage has long provided the necessary balancing services to the grids, but problems associated with its significant land use and lengthy authorizations make it unsuited for a fast-paced deployment. To cope with this, available short-duration storage technologies such as Li-ion batteries are being used to complement pumped hydro and provide some of the essential balancing services to electric grids. However, it is widely recognized that cost-effective long-duration storage technologies are the missing cornerstone to allow for the renewable penetrations that many countries will experience in the coming years. SiZ represents the most straightforward way to provide a proven technology like pumped hydro with the large scalability and low carbon footprint that we need to allow for a seamless integration of renewables worldwide.


SaleInZucca has been developed in the past two years by Milano Multiphysics, a startup founded in 2015 by passionate computational scientists and engineers to bring cutting-edge research experience into robust industrial applications across the energy sector: from nuclear reactors simulations to electricity markets analysis.